This book will take you on a journey through time with Jack Stewart’s trend setting custom 1941 Ford and its caretakers. It will bring you from sunny California to Ohio, Indiana, and in the end, all the way to Denmark.

It shares all the stories of how this car was created in the late 1940’s early 1950’s, and who took part in the changes along the way. It illustrates in detail how Jack Stewart was inspired to build such a radical custom car back then, exactly how he did it, and how decades later, it was brought back to its original 1950’s version. Four different caretakers each have their own section in the book. Here, they tell of their adventures with Jack’s Ford, and highlight other pertinent cars that they owned – then or now – with a wide selection of wonderful photos.

In 2010, Rik Hoving and Palle Johansen set out on a quest to gather as much research material on Jack Stewart-’s 1941 Ford as possible, in an all-out effort to make their restoration Jack’s Ford undisputedly accurate. The overwhelming- amount of information they uncovered inspired Rik Hoving to write this book.

With a foreword by legendary Custom Car and Hot Rod author Pat Ganahl.

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This book, titled the Jack Stewart Ford is about much more than just this one historical Custom Car. It was the Jack Stewart Ford that was the binding factor for all the other cars shown and written about in this book.

In several chapters the historical importance of the Jack Stewart Ford is explained with the use of many never before pulished photos from the personal collection of Jack Stewart, Jim Street, Bob Drake and several other people.

Pat Ganahl wirtes in his foreword that it is amazing that the Jack Stewart Ford still excits today. Well it is, and it is even more amazing how interesting the Jack Stewart Ford’s former caretakers are.

Each of the previous caretakers of the car have their own chapter in which they tell about the 1941 Ford. But these chapters also show how these owners were involved in the automotive hobby prior and past owning Jack’s Ford.

The book show photos of Jack Stewart’s 1953 MG, his 1932 Ford Roadster, Jim Skonzakis his 1949 Buick convertible with removable Hard Top, his Show car masterpiece the Golden Sahara, the Kookie T, and a selection of his fantastic wooden boats. Bob Drake never stopped building nice rides and he is showing his 1935 Ford panel, 1953 Studebaker and several other vehicles.

Current owner Palle Johansen shows all it takes to restore a historical Custom Car and several of his past and current rides.

Several other cars that were built around the same time as Jack’s Ford are compared and researched in how they might have invluenced Jack in building his 1941 Ford, or possebly the way around.

Most of the photos used in the book come from the private collection of the previous care takers of the car. And a lot of effort has been spend to try and give the photos an authentic look in this book.

Most photos are not cropped but are actually shown with the photo borders left in place to give the best possible feel for the time these photos were taken.

I hope you will enjoy reading and looking in this book as much as I had creating it.

Rik Hoving

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